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Claire® Bed Bug, Lice and Dust Mite Spray - 16 oz Net Wt.

Kills adult lice, and nymphs as they hatch, on mattresses, garments, furniture and other inanimate objects. Kills dust mites through contact. Kills bedbugs. Kills and repels mosquitoes, ticks and fleas. 20 oz can, 16 oz net wt.  12/cs
Alternate #C-006

Claire® Fast Kill Residual Roach & Ant Killer

Contains Esfenvalerate. For use in and around the home and food and non-food areas. Kills carpenter ants carpenter bees, centipedes, house flies. 20 oz can, 15 oz net wt.
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Claire® Bug Buster Insect Killer - 15 oz. Net Wt.

Use in food and nonfood areas of food processing plants. Indoor and outdoor use. Kills stable flies, horse flies, face flies, deer flies, house flies, gnats. Convenient and effective. Cherry blossom fragrance. 20 oz can, 15 oz net wt.
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Claire® Down & Out II Flying Insect Killer - 15 oz net wt.

Kills common pests: house flies, mosquitoes and others. Contains Tetramethrins and other active ingredients. Indoor use. Pleasant fragrance. Convenient and effective. 20 oz can.  12/cs
Alternate #C-261

Claire® Jet Force Wasp & Hornet Killer - 14 oz Net Wt.

Kills wasps, yellow jackets, and hornets on contact. Gives rapid knockdown and kill of wasps, yellow jackets and hornets. Long range spray. Reaches nests more than 20 feet above ground. 20 oz can.
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